"Total Loss" Litigation (Multiple Jurisdictions)

Eimer Stahl attorneys represented several insurers in multiple "total loss" automobile insurance cases. In these cases, plaintiffs alleged that the auto insurers' use of CCC Information Services, Inc.'s total loss computer valuation service resulted in systematic and fraudulent under-valuing of insured vehicles that were declared to be "total losses" after an accident. The cases were generally filed as state-wide or national consumer fraud class actions.  We achieved dismissal of certain cases, successfully asserting in some jurisdictions that the insurance policies' mandatory appraisal provision barred the cases. The remaining cases were settled individually or in a nationwide class settlement that received final approval in an llinois state court. 

  • In re Total Loss Class Action Litigation, Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois
  • Jackson v. Atlanta Casualty, et al., Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois
  • Dasher v. Atlanta Casualty, State Court of Fulton County, Georgia 
  • Alvarez-Flores v. Atlanta Casualty Company, et al., Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
  • Diggs v. Atlanta Casualty, Circuit Court of Wilcox County, Alabama
  • Jessie Travis v. Kemper Casualty Insurance Company and CCC Information Services, Inc., Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois