"Total Payroll" Litigation (Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois)

Eimer Stahl attorneys represented an insurer in a Madison County, Illinois, class lawsuit in which plaintiffs alleged that defendant workers' compensation carriers committed consumer fraud and were unjustly enriched by charging premiums based on total payroll when workers’ compensation benefits for high wage earners were capped. The plaintiffs sought to represent a class of all Illinois employers affected by the "total payroll" rule. In one of the cases, the plaintiff sought to certify a defendant class. No class was ever certified, and a favorable individual settlement was reached on behalf of our client.  

  • Berco Construction, et al. v. American Home Assurance, Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois
  • Pratt & Tobin, et al. v. Liberty Mutual, Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois
  • Simmons, et al. v. State Farm, Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois