EimerStahl Discovery Solutions llc

A better approach to eDiscovery

EimerStahl Discovery Solutions llc (ESDS) is a world class eDiscovery services provider that allows our affiliated law firm, Eimer Stahl LLP, to effectively leverage legal talent and eDiscovery expertise in large scale matters.  ESDS successfully developed a sophisticated array of eDiscovery practices and services, including the implementation and use of cutting-edge technology, to more cost effectively handle large scale litigation.  Eimer Stahl was one of the first law firms in the United States to recognize the value of applying conceptual and predictive analytics to large scale document reviews and productions and to successfully utilize these techniques in active litigation.  We gained success and renown in negotiating one of the first eDiscovery orders for the use of predictive coding in litigation (Edwards v. National Milk Producers Federation) as well as demonstrating the ability to handle large cases with a fraction of the resources used by our competitors.  As an early adopter of advanced eDiscovery technologies, ESDS is uniquely positioned to lead and advise clients on effective and cost-efficient discovery strategies.

Our eDiscovery Advantage 

ESDS leverages the best talent, practices, and technology to provide world class eDiscovery solutions.  Our unique eDiscovery advantage includes:

  • Highest Level of Client Service
  • Recognized Elite Experts in eDiscovery
  • Best of Breed Technology and Best Practices
  • Innovative Use of Legal and Technical Project Management
  • Agility to Immediately Respond to Clients’ Case Requirements

Our Services 


ESDS provides clients and their counsel with a customized database for the hosting and review of electronically stored information.  Our litigation technical services team consults with clients and their counsel to develop a set of solutions for managing and reviewing large amounts of electronically stored information with a view towards meeting our clients’ specific needs in the most cost-effective manner possible.  Our end-to-end eDiscovery capabilities include initial data triage, data processing, early data assessment, data hosting, and document production.

Managed Document Review

ESDS offers clients efficient and cost-effective Managed Document Review services.  This may include contract attorney hosting, attorney supervision and support, implementation of process and supervision of review conducted by contract or other attorneys.  We also offer substantive quality control of the review process.  Our Managed Document Review services include:

  • Planning and Preparing for Document Review Process
  • Screening and Assembling Document Review Team
  • Developing Document Review Instructions and Protocols
  • Developing Technology Assisted Review Protocols (includes concept and predictive coding analytics)
  • Providing Substantive and Technical Training

Discovery Counsel

Eimer Stahl attorneys have vast experience in the most complicated discovery matters and can provide a broad range of discovery-related services, including:

  • Effective and Efficient Responses to Various Types of Discovery Requests
  • Development of ESI and Predictive Coding Protocols
  • Development and Coordination of Document Production Procedures and Policies
  • Development of Appropriate Technology Assisted Review and Other Advanced Search Techniques Tailored to Individual Cases
  • Compliance and Best Practices Training