Eimer Stahl attorneys Rob Dunn and J.D. Tripoli filed an amici brief late last week to reduce inebriated driving on California roads on behalf of the Firm's pro bono clients, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the California State Sheriffs’ Association. A California trial court recently issued a preliminary injunction requiring rideshare companies Uber and Lyft to immediately reclassify their drivers as employees. Undisputed evidence in the case shows this reclassification would force the rideshare companies to shut down or dramatically reduce operations in California.

The Firm’s amici brief supports a reversal of the injunction. In California, courts are required to consider countervailing public interests in a preliminary injunction analysis. But in this case the court failed to consider the substantial public health and safety consequences of a lack of ridesharing availability. Studies show that access to ridesharing significantly reduces the rates of drunk-driving crimes, crashes, and fatalities. They also show millions of Californians have come to rely on safe and convenient transportation from Uber and Lyft as an alternative to drunk driving. Pointing to this data, the Firm’s brief argues the injunction would deprive these riders of a dependable ride home, leading to an abrupt increase in avoidable drunk-driving catastrophes.

The matter is ongoing and we will continue to update this page as necessary with any new developments. Click here to view the brief.

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