The risk of mass arbitrations is steadily rising, and companies should no longer ignore the threat posed by this increasingly prevalent tactic which can have extensive financial consequences. Mass arbitration occurs when a substantial number of consumers, typically hundreds or thousands, file coordinated yet individual arbitration claims against the same company, all relating to the same issue and oftentimes characterized by inaccurate or unfounded allegations. Compared to a traditional class action lawsuit, the potential exposure in these cases can be significantly higher. Eimer Stahl understands the unique challenges of mass arbitration defense and has successfully defended companies in these mass campaigns. Our lawyers are also experienced in advising corporations on ways to reduce vulnerability before they become targets of these arbitration demands. 


  • Defended social media company in multiple mass arbitrations with thousands of claimants.
  • Counseled companies facing incipient data privacy arbitrations on terms of service revisions to prevent mass arbitrations from occurring.

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